A Tradition that knows History

The Restaurant Hotel Village  Baia Dell’Est was founded in 1982, by a family of great culinary traditions. Since then the structure has established itself in the Calabrian territory and not only as one of the most beautiful and suggestive structures of southern Italy, making it the ideal place for the art of receiving: a magnificent Village located 80 meters above sea level with large outdoor and indoor spaces, Gardens, Common Areas, Salt and Terrace Sea Views. So much BSoverateauty and above all Efficiency thanks to a highly qualified staff, to offer its guests the perfect reception: Wedding, Reception, Important Private and Corporate Moments. In short, a place that has a soul, where to welcome its guests with the elegance, the intimacy and the excellent cuisine.

The East Bay is in the immediate vicinity of the Pietragrande junction of the SS 106 at 7 km from Soverato and 15 from Catanzaro Lido.

Historical Photos

Since 1982