MENU' OF THE BAIA - " Fish Base ''

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    • Salami and cheese plate
    • Crunchy Parmesan with Bufala, Basil and Tomatoes
    • Vegetarian
    • Sandwich with Paprica with Cernia, Stracciatella di burrata and Olivo monacali
    • Egg on purple potato purée puré, fondue with Parmesan cheese and truffle and steam shrimp
    • Fillet of Truffles stuffed with Purple and Stracciatella Potato Mousse
    • Caprese di Borgala with Baked Apples and Buffalo
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    • Spaghetti in Salsa Bread and Calamaretti
    • Mezze Scilatelle with Seafood with Smoked Squash and Almonds
    • Ravioli and Artichokes in Truffle and Crustaceans sauce
    • Tonnarelli to Asti and Tomatoes
    • Wrapped in Norcina “Salted Vegetables, Porcini, Smoked Sausage”
    • Risotto with strawberries of Artichokes, Sword and Pecan Nuts
    • Fish Soup and Wheat Wafers
    • Orecchiette with Broccoli, True Clams and White Shrimp
    • Purple Potato Maltaattaans with Squash and Velvet Pumpkin and Ginger Pulp
    • Risotto with White Prawn, Burrata and Lemon
    • Tagliolini with Sea Ricci and Pistachio Pesto
    • Spaghetti with Alice with Tomatoes confit and Thyme
    • Risotto champenois method with Capesante and strawberries of Salmon
    • Ravioli Capesante and Shrimp with Pumpkin Salad with Pumpkin Crustaceans and Pistachio
    • Tagliolini with Sea Ricci
    • Dragged with Spada mousse, Julienne of Artichokes and Pinoli
    • Wrapped in Norcina “Salted Vegetables, Porcini, Smoked Sausage”
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    • Shrimps with Mint, Chilli Pepper Stuffed on Grappa on Artichokes Crudité
    • Swordfish at the Carrrettiera
    • Great Fried Fork of the Bay “Vegetables and Fresh Fish in Tempura”
    • Rabit Seed stuffed with Scampi and Vegetables with Artichokes at Judgment
    • Ricciola fish with Bread Sponge, Savory Coriander and Crispy Artichoke
    • Fillet steak di Baccalà vacuum-cooked morrone, velvety of Cicerchia
    • Fishmongers in Mediterranean Guazzetto
    • Baccalà Flower in Cooking Ginger with Ginger and Orange Snack
    • Baked Rombo Fillet with Potatoes to Thyme and Rosemary
    • Spatula rolled with citrus fruit, with the heart of Tomato Mozzarella and Basilico
    • Fillet of Vitello braised with Fennel and Peperoncino
    • Fillet of Vitello at the Torinese
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    • Roast Squid with Salsa Tzatziki
    • Sword of Sword to the Southern flavors
    • Roasted Octopus with Steamed Potatoes and Dutch Sauce
    • Bacon prawns with honey
    • Cut of Tuna with Tomatoes, Rucola and Reduce to Balsamic Vinegar
    • Rombo crushed to the irons
    • Grilled Veal Fillet
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    • Cicorias jumped to Calabrian
    • Grilled red wine
    • Grilled Vegetables (Zucchini, Aubergines, Peppers)
    • Potato Dipper
    • Mixed salad
    • Chopped legumes with chili
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    • Seasonal fruit
    • Chocolate Cake with Dark Heart
    • Dipolomatic with Cream, Chocolate Mousse and Salty Caramel
    • Browse Basket with Orange and Apple Cream
    • Parfait
    • Tiramisu
    • Millefoglie Ricotta and Pere